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CDRs (Call Detail Records) API

Flowroute allows you to query and download Call Detail records from your account using various query parameters. Queries can be done either via the CDR Export API or from the Manage Portal.

A call detail record (CDR) provides information about calls made through the Flowroute service. A CDR report offers exact answers about where, when, and how a call occurs for reporting and billing purposes.

  • Call Start Time
  • Destination Name
  • Caller Id
  • Call Direction
  • Call Result
  • Customer IP Address
  • Call Destination
  • Call Duration
  • Call Billed Duration
  • Call Rate
  • Call First Increment
  • Call Second Increment
  • Call Cost
  • Connection Fee applied to the call
  • USF Fee applied to the call
  • CCRF (Carrier Cost Recovery Fee)
  • The value of the 'X-Tag' attached by a PBX making the call
  • The 'alias' applied for the Flowroute number
  • E911 Connection Fee

Links to relevant CDR API operations:

API Quickstart information: Good place to start using the API.

Overview of the CDR exports: Retrieve your Call Detail records over a specific time and with various query parameters.

CDR Country Codes: The Flowroute CDR API allows you to filter by Country Code (see Query CDRs for how to initiate this process). Below is a list of the valid country codes and their meanings.

CDR Errors: Review the errors you may encounter while using the API.

e911 Guide: A description and usage guide to understand how to use the 9-1-1 feature provided for you.