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Does Flowroute Pass a Caller ID?

Flowroute offers the service for you to provide the destination with a Caller ID (CNAM) along with your Phone number. You will need to establish a CNAM Storage ID to allow for the destination to request a CNAM dip.

How it works:

You make a call to a destination. If the destination has the capability to perform a CNAM dip, the destination’s provider will request a CNAM dip from a national database. This database has been given your CNAM storage information you instructed Flowroute to send. Then the database serves the provider your value, which is the value shown on the destination’s caller ID.

CNAM services can possibly extend to Canada, but you are responsible for providing the P-Assert tag with your designated CNAM ID (see example). If you are not able to provide the data with the SIP signal, then you would be unable to allow Canadian destinations to correctly ID your call. Canadian destinations are not guaranteed and are contingent on the Canadian network provider.

EXAMPLE: P-Asserted-Identity: "Cullen Jennings" <>