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Port Order Status: Pending

Pending is the initial status of your port order from the time you start the porting process using Flowroute Manage to when you click Submit. Once you click Submit, the status of your request then moves into a Processing state and your port order is forwarded to Flowroute's Numbering and Portability team for review. While your port order request is in a Pending state, you can make changes to the order, such as adding/removing/changing telephone numbers, updating end-user information, or adding documentation. 

If you create a port order request but don't submit it, the request status shows as Pending on the Port Order Port History page for 45 days before it is auto-canceled in the system. During that 45-day window, Flowroute will send emails reminding you that you need to take action on that pending port order. If at the end of 45 days, you have not canceled or submitted the request, your request is automatically canceled and an email is sent to you notifying that your request was canceled. Fees are not assessed on pending orders, either for submission or cancellation. 

If you cancel a port request before submitting the request, the canceled port order displays on the Port History page for the duration of your account. If at a later date you want to port the canceled number, contact to restart the order. 

See Port Your Telephone Numbers to Flowroute for the steps to submit a port order request.

IMPORTANT: When creating a port order request, the telephone number you want to port displays immediately on the DIDs page of your Flowroute account, regardless of the status. While you can set up Inbound Routes on these telephone numbers, they are not active on Flowroute's network until the port order is complete. Please note that the DIDS page provides no indication of the status of these telephone numbers. They might appear active, but they are not.
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