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Introduction to Call Detail Report Exports

The Call Detail Report (CDR) Export system is your key way to understand the information and activity your account generates as you use it. CDRs will display all calls, both successful and unsuccessful. It will provide you with metrics for those calls such as time, date, source IP, country, and many other data points.

When using these documents they are accurate representations of the information we are using to measure your account's activity and spend.

This CDR data can be requested in 3-month segments. Although a single export cannot provide more than 92 days of data, we continue to store and keep 100% of any detailed call data you have accrued while with Flowroute. (For example: If you needed a year of data - you would need 4 exports for those 3-month segments.)

There is a filter with the required criteria and some optional filters to further refine the requested export.



Call Window - This is the selection window of exported data. At the Window Start, you are creating a starting point to collect the calls starting at and after this period. The end of the Call Window will stop registering any calls started after this point. The calls started inside that span will be detailed on the export from within that window. Calls are tracked from when they started to when they ended. The call's end may be outside of your requested Start and End Call Window but if the call started within that window they are used to determine your call data.

  • Start Call Window Start - This will begin the CDR export with the window of calls that have started. This window also includes any calls started but not connected.
  • Start Call Window End - This is the end of the window where the calls started will no longer be tracked.



Unique Criteria


  • Caller IP - Origination of outbound or inbound PBX IP
  • Duration - Filters exported data by a call's connected duration
    • Comparator (calibration metric)
  • Cost
    • Comparator (calibration metric)
  • Direction
  • Destination Prefix - The destination's dialed digits outside the NPA-NXX of the DID

Only include records with numbers whose destination number prefix matches one of the entries in the specified list.

  • Callerid Prefix - The outbound digits outside the NPANXX of the DID



Multiple Criteria

  • Number Alias - Define the number's preassigned Number Alias (applied on the DID Management pages)
  • Destination Numbers - The destination number that was attempted and/or connected by the account
  • Custom Tags - Used to filter the records with 'X-Tag' references in the SIP header against the list provided.
  • Filter By Countries - Specifically defines countries to include in the export (see image)
  • Exclude By Countries - Specifically defines which countries to remove from export




  • Tollfree Only - Filters for numbers that are exclusively Tollfree or not Tollfree
  • Exclude Cancelled - If selected it will not include calls which were attempted but not connected
  • E911 Charges Only - This will only show charges associated with unassigned e911 emergency 911 dials
  • Exclude Failed - Includes calls that were attempted and reached Flowroute but did not cross the network due to a PBX error.



Then use this button. 


Exported reports are processed and become downloadable on the same page as the filter criteria.

Sequence of CDR Fields

direction                           -        Inbound/outbound
start_time                         -        Window Start
end_time                          -        Window End
destination                       -        Dialed number
number_alias                   -        Customized assignment of a name in Flowroute
callerid                             -        Number provided to caller id services
total_cost                         -        Full cost of the call
destination_name            -        Country to which the call was made
callerid_country               -        Country in which the presented Caller ID would be assigned.
line_information               -        Information about the originator of a call by type and location 
result                                -        Status of the call: Cancelled, Completed, e.t.c.
call_fail_sip_code            -        Provided SIP code for the calls resulting status
call_fail_reason                -        Sip definition of the <="Failed_CDR">
duration                            -        Length of call completed
billed_duration                  -        Duration of billing segments acurred 
rate                                   -        Rate of charge assigned to the call
first_increment                  -        Minimum charge permitted for the call
subsequent_increment     -        Cost of time increments after the first_increment
cost_subtotal                    -        Cost of the call before conditional charges
connect_fee                      -        Fee assigned by the above Line information details 
usf_fee                              -        USF tax cost applied (if applicable)
ccrf                                    -        Carrier Connection Recovery Fee to fund telecom infrastructure
cnam_lookup_fee              -       Conditionally applied if CNAM look up is active on the account
custom_x_tag                    -       An outbound SIP packet identifier.
customer_ip                       -       Originator IP of the call's SIP interfacing systems. (ie. PBX)
sip_callid                            -       SIP packet Call ID to quickly search packet captures