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Setting up your account - Addresses

At Flowroute, we make sure the process of getting your account up and running as fast as possible. As a best practice, we collect your address to provide you with a more reliable service. When Flowroute knows where the highest volume of our customers are, the better we can work with our service provider to quickly respond to any issue that are in your locality.

We validate your address for these reasons:
- Better service to needed areas
- Identify usage and currency in provided countries
- Helps prevent fraud on Flowroute accounts
- Regulate our customer offerings, DID purchasing, Port Orders. e.t.c.
- Validate federal or local regulations that require address be accurate and current

What addresses should you use for your account
- Addresses on your Flowroute account need to be associated with the most direct end user of the account. For instance, if you are setting up a Flowroute account for a school in Dallas, TX, but live in Kansas City, MO, you would use the school's location for your Contact Information. If you were setting this up for your own business use and live at the same address which uses the PBX, you would provide your own address as the Contact Information.

NOTE: As Flowroute does not offer accounts that are not business; it is important to remember that all locations regardless of the location are considered business accounts. This distinction should help identify the correct location in your Account Information page.

Why the correct address should be applied
- Address validation is important to maintain logistics and data health. Some federal regulations may require up-to-date information to stay within the legal requirements.

How this helps Flowroute and the customer
- Having valid data can keep your information safer if your PBX becomes vulnerable to attack. Our validation process may require address information, and having accurate data can be used to verify your account.

Initial Address Validation Pop-up
To assist in getting your accounts address established correctly, Flowroute provides an address verification system.

When you log into Flowroute's manage portal for your account, you will be presented only once with a pop up that will assist in showing any outstanding issues when setting your address.

  • If the address you have previously entered is accurate use the blue "Current address is correct" button.
  • If you need to make any major changes to the address, (perhaps if you moved, or changed business locations) use the red "Edit my address" button.
  • If you find our verification system finds any minor changes and you agree with the updates, use the orange "Replace with suggested address" button.


On the chance that no valid address is found using the entered address, you will see this box and be required to agree it is correct after the attempted validations or update the address before you can continue using your account. 

What to do if something is wrong with the address after the initial verification and how do I fix my account address
- If you access your account and notice your Account Information is incorrect, or needs to be updated with small edits; here is a guide to walk you through making changes.

  1. Log into your account

  2. On the left side you will see the "Preferences" link. Click the link.


  3. This will as default pull up the "Account Information" page


  4. You can make the proper edits to the contact information in the fields necessary. Once you are done making an edit to a section. Navigate to the bottom of the specific section (Contact information, email, etc) and use the button on ther right side to save the information you have just added to the detailed records.


  5. Once you have saved your changes, you can move on to another section or move to the Dashboard again.

If you need more assistance send a ticket using our Support Page, or send an email to support@flowroute.com