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Setting up your account - Updating contact information

In this article, you will learn how to update your Flowroute Contact Information. 

The account panel includes the Flowroute account contact information, portability email address, primary email address (also used as Flowroute manage portal username), manage portal password, and local time zone to be used for CDRs.

To update your service address you will need to use "Contact Information"

Here are details of a Contact Information item and their usage:

  • Customer Type: Business and individual User:
    • Business: Accounts in business have access to sub-accounts
    • Individual: No access to sub-accounts, but all actions of an account are the same as Business.
  • First and Last name: The name of the main contact for all communications sent to the account.
  • Phone: The phone number of the contact for the account. This number must be active and available for possible emergencies.
  • Address: Addresses in the Flowroute account are important for account identification. The address must be the service address for the account. This address will be vital for compliance with service availability and billing purposes. 

1. Log into your Flowroute Manage Portal.

2. Click on the "Preferences" tab on the left side of the interface.

3. Scroll down until you see the information you want to update, modify the form field with the desired update.

  • Customer Type: To change your customer type, use the drop down and choose business or individual. If you select business, new fields will appear that you can add the details of your business.

Business type adds fields and alters some labels. Here are the changes.

  • Account Contact First Name: This would be the person's number who should be contacted if Flowroute needs a contact regarding your account.

  • Account Contact First/Last Name: This is the name of the contact you would like Flowroute to work with when any support is requested.

  • Account Contact Position: If you have an employment hierarchy or position names, add this here for support staff to properly address the contact.

  • Legal Company Name: The company's name, over which, the account is being maintained.

  • Company Alias: A general or nick name of the company (ie. Company is Corporate Nickel, LLC but you call it Nickel. It does not impact the account, it is only the communications support would use if requested.)

  • Company Phone and Company Fax - The company phone number or fax phone number. This does not need to be the contact information and should be added to complete the profile.

  • Company Address: These lines are to add your company's address. The address that you will need to add here will be an address that relates to the service location.This will be the address used to locate your company for possible status communications in your area, and maintain more information if an E911 emergency request comes from your account.

  • State of Organization: If you are in the States, you will have a drop down of all the United States locations. If you are outside of the United States, the drop down will be removed and under: Company State/Province/Region, you will need to add the two characters that relate to your country. List of country codes on Flowroute

Individual accounts are the same type of data, but relate to a single party that owns or maintains the account.

  • First and last name: To change your name, add or change the current name on the account in the First and Last name fields.

  • Phone: In the even that your phone number needs to change to keep accurate to your contact, add or change your phone number in this field. Be sure to add a recent and active 11 digit number.

  • Address: To update your address on record, use the fields described above in Business section, and associate it with a single party's service location.

4. It is important to click on the "Save" button to the bottom right corner of the section you updated.

5. A confirmation alert will appear at the top of the page.  You have successfully updated your account information!