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IPOffice Configuration c.2019


  • Details in this document are for reference only, and are unsupported by the Flowroute support staff.
  • Please use as purely reference material, we make no guarantees that this information is correct, or will not harm your system. Please be careful and always keep a backup of anything before you make changes, or alter settings.

The follow provides a general configuration for IP Office:
  1. Create a new SIP Line
  2. In Transport / ITSP Proxy Address, enter the address for the first Flowroute POP.

    NOTE: If you are using a Windows DNS server, you must also specify an explicit DNS server (your firewall, or should work) as Windows DNS does not return all addresses. 

  3. In SIP Credentials fill in the
    • User name
    • Authentication Name
    • Password
    Leave "Registration required" unchecked.
  4. In Call Details, add a new SIP URI
    • Enter an Incoming and Outgoing group number, and select your username under Credentials.
    • Check P Asserted ID and select Use Internal Data

  5. Save the SIP Line
  6. Right-click the new SIP line, and select Copy
  7. Paste 3 times to create 3 new copies
  8. Edit each of the new copies, changing only the POP address in Transport / ITSP Proxy Address. (You should end up with one SIP Line for each POP)
  9. For each extension, enter outbound caller ID number in
    • User / SIP / SIP Name
    • SIP Display name
    • Contact
    (enter the outbound caller ID number in all 3)