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Admin Fee Information

Flowroute has instituted an Admin Fee, as per FCC regulation approval, to provide its customers with the best of upcoming technologies, new innovations, and continue the kind of the excellent customer support Flowroute offers to all its customers.

The fee is broken down into two types.


Flat Rate Conditions:

For customers who have a Flowroute account and do not own DIDs, the Admin fee will be a flat rate of $15 per month. This also includes customers who are actively using Flowroute as a SIP trunk but have no DIDs on the account.

Cost per-DID Conditions:

Customers who have DID(s) on their account will be included a 50ยข charge per DID on the account. This does not have to be an active DID to be included while factoring in the Admin fee for the month, as long as it is owned by the customer.

The Admin Fee will only be assessed as one or the other. The customer will never be charged both simultaneously for any reason.


NOTE: Admin fees are not considered a duration based cost. There is no proration for DIDs added or removed when the cost is calculated at the end of the month.