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Configure IP-based Authentication for Outbound Calls for 3CX version 15

This article guides you through setting up IP-based authentication for outbound calls in the 3CX version 15 PBX. 

Before you begin
  • You must first have configured your 3CX 15 PBX for use with Flowroute. If you have not, first complete the steps located here: Configure 3CX version 15.

  • Your Flowroute Tech Prefix, found on the Dashboard of your Flowroute Manage account. 

To configure IP based authentication for outbound calling from your 3CX 15:
  1. Log on to the 3CX 15 Management Console. 

  2. Click Outbound Rules in the left-hand navigation pane. 

  3. Double-click the Outbound Rule used for the Flowroute SIP trunk. 

  4. If you want to set up an outbound rule for numbers with a length of 10, do the following: 

    • Outbound rules are processed top-down in the order they're listed in this section. From the Route 1 drop-down list box, select Flowroute

    • Leave Strip Digits at 0

    • In the Prepend field, enter your Tech Prefix i.e. XXXXXXXX*1

    • Save the changes. 

  5. Add a Calls to Numbers with length of outbound rule with length 11

  6. In the Make outbound calls on section, add the same information as above, except in the Prepend field, add your Tech Prefix, XXXXXXXX* as shown in the following diagram:  

  7. Click OK at the top of the page.
  8. Then login to your Flowroute account -> Interconnection -> Outbound Allowed IPs -> Add the public IP address for your 3CX system.
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