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What is an MRC?

The MRC is a Monthly Recurring Charge, which is a charge which is taken out at the end of each month.  This charge is visible in the “Billing” section of your Manage page.

What kind of monthly fees do you have?

MRCs are used to fund only two Flowroute options. 

MRC Pricing

  • DIDs currently on your Flowroute profile. This charge is also applied to any DIDs moved into your account from a Port Order.
  • e911 option applied to any DID on your Flowroute profile, per DID with the attached e911 option. Storing the e911 profile will not incur a charge until it is applied to a DID.

MRC's up to date price breakdown can be found on Flowroute’s Pricing page

NOTE: You cannot opt out of any MRC while using the option that requires an MRC listed above.