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Configure an Outbound Route Dial Pattern for FreePBX

The following article describes configuring the FreePBX for Flowroute through the FreePBX UI. 

To configure an outbound route dial pattern:
  1. In the FreePBX UI, click Connectivity, and then click Outbound Rules.
  2. Click Add Route to create a new outbound route, or select an existing outbound route you want to modify. 

    The settings shown in the highlighted examples above allow for outbound dialing for U.S. and Canadian numbers with either 10- or 11-digits. The third highlighted example shows the configuration for making international calls by adding a leading 011

    If you need to allow for 7-digit local dialing, an additional route must be configured for your specific local Area Code in the following format: NXXXXXX, as shown in the highlighted example below. Make sure that you replace 1206 in the example with your own area code prepended with 1

NOTE: For older versions of FreePBX, the text-based equivalent of these routes are as follows:
  • 011 | [ . ]

Similarly, you may also add a 7-digit rule to prepend a local dialing area code, replacing 555 with the applicable area code: 

  • 1555+ZXXXXXX