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Reaching Flowroute for Immediate Issues


Reaching Flowroute: A Guide to

There are many ways to get help with your issue or contact our support team.

The best, and quickest way to find any assistance is to browse our Knowledge Base that you are currently using. You can find anything we have seen happen with Flowroute and other technical information for configurations, how to find the API details, and anything about costs or carrier required fees. 

If you looked and have not found an answer to your question: submit a ticket through this portal by clicking the 'Submit Ticket" from the right side of this page.

That "Submit Ticket" link will bring you to a form with easy to fill out fields. Most of the fields will be used to validate your account and ownership of that account. It will help our team quickly start to resolve your issue by clearing the validation process.

The page also requests information about your issue. A few drop downs will be helpful in classifying the possible issues so we know where to generally start on request. 

We have our three Departments to bucket the nature of the requested assistance:


Used for very general questions: Billing, information about services, hours, new account questions, and maybe how Flowroute works


Technical issues are addressed in this department: Phones do not work, no audio, audio never connects, dialing isn't producing a result, fraud assistance

Numbers and Porting*

Porting and DID purchases are the primary focus on this department: Buying a DID, porting a DID to/from Flowroute

*We always require a Tech Prefix and email for these Support inquiries.

Along with the department, topic, and details of a ticket; we have a severity option. We need this to better serve the inbound tickets. 

  • Low - the need for this to be resolved is not service impacting, you do not require a quick response. or something you want Flowroute to know.
  • Medium - This is an inquiry as to why something is not working but doesn't highly impact your use of the service
  • High - This is service impacting and it is producing a business issue. The response to this is expected to come quicker due to the nature of the problem. We would expect attentive customer cooperation with Support Engineers to address a High severity label. These tickets are worked first in the order received. 
  • Severe - This is an all systems down, critical system emergency. This will alert all customer support engineers, and will escalate to management if not quickly addressed. This is the top level and is used to quickly get a response from the support team 24/7. We expect a customer to be very attentive and responsive to help us find a resolution and answer our questions. (Note: Impact and time sensitively of issue should be considered before using this level.)


NOTE: Submitting ticket here auto-authenticates your account, resulting in faster and accurate support. This is highly encouraged over any other method of contact our support team.


Flowroute Blog: You can check out our blog for our publications.

Intercom: Chat with us if you have a quick question or comment.

- you can find this on any of the website pages on the bottom right. Look for the teal circle with the message bubble inside.