How we can help?

Have you tried reseating the credit card on the account

Sometimes when there is an issue with payments, you can find that the error is due to a credit card failure.  This could be one of many possibilities. A few of which we will go over here.

Credit card is

  • not replenishing
  • not being changed when attempting to update card information
  • not processing charges due to zip code error

Not replenishing:

  • A credit card will only be charged until the max amount has been reached (unless you specify it be unlimited.) However, this works on a charged amount per replenishment. For example, if you specify your max is $90 but you have your auto-replenishment set for the amount of $50 per charge, you will only be able to use the auto-replenishment once. If you add the $50 previous and the proposed next charge of $50, the proposed charged would put you over $90, so we are unable to add that amount and charge the card twice.

Not being able to use the card when attempting to update card information

Not processing charges due to zip code error

  • In this case you may need to update your card as well. The zip code error often comes from a card having been moved to another billing location. If you have your credit card's latest statement (within 30 days) try removing the card from your account and add it again to the account. You can review this support page to find instructions on how to update your card.
If you are still having problems with your account's credit card, please send an email to: Include your Tech Prefix, your issue, (zip code, updating issues, card won't delete) and we will be happy to get back to you.