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Quality of Service (QoS) Strategies for Flowroute's Direct Audio

For the highest possible audio quality on your Flowroute calls, you should implement a network Quality of Service (QoS) strategy that prioritizes Flowroute's Direct Media packets.

One or both of the following QoS strategies should be used:

  1. Give priority to UDP traffic (RTP audio) on your network over all ports within your phone system's RTP media port range[1] and/or;
  2. Give your phone system a higher priority (by local IP address) for all network traffic.

Either of these methods will optimize audio quality on Flowroute calls by helping prevent jitter, choppiness, echoes, audio delays, pops, clicks, and intermittent garbled/robotic voices which could be introduced by local network delays if these QoS policies aren't in place.

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[1]RTP media port range varies by phone system. Your system's RTP media port range will be configured locally on your system and/or detailed in your system documentation.