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Set up Flowroute in Bria iPhone Edition for iOS 12


  • Details in this document are for reference only, and are unsupported by the Flowroute support staff.
  • Please use as purely reference material, we make no guarantees that this information is correct, or will not harm your system. Please be careful and always keep a backup of anything before you make changes, or alter settings.

This article describes setting up your Flowroute telephone number to work with Bria iPhone Edition - VoIP Softphone SIP Client on iOS 12.  

NOTE: This article covers setting up a Flowroute account only on iOS 12. It may not apply to other iOS versions.

Before you begin
To create a Flowroute account in Bria:


  1. Tap the Bria application on your phone.
  2. Tap the Settings icon at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. 

    The Settings screen appears: 

  3. On the Settings screen, tap Accounts

    The Accounts screen appears. 

  4. On the Accounts screen, tap the plus (+) icon in the top-right corner to add a new account:


    The Select Provider screen appears.

  5. In the User-Defined Generic Accounts section on the Select Provider screen, tap SIP VoIP (SIP) - Calling


    The New SIP Account screen appears. 

  6. In the Account Name field, enter the name by which you want the account identified. The following example uses Flowroute

  7. Go to the User Details section. 
  8. In the User Details section, add the following: 

    • Display as: This is the caller ID you want displayed to call recipients.
    • Username: This is your Tech Prefix, found on the Interconnections tab of your account in Flowroute Manage.
    • Password: This is the password associated with your SIP credentials, found on the Interconnections tab of Flowroute Manage.
      NOTE: Your password is masked as you type it, so use care when entering it.
    • Domain: Preferred PoP.sip.flowroute.com
      IMPORTANT: Flowroute uses default port 5060 for communication. If your wireless provider blocks traffic over port 5060, you will need to set the Domain to [Preferred PoP].sip.flowroute.com:5160.

    The screen should resemble the following:  


  9. Enable the account by sliding the Enable button to the right: 


  10. Once your device registers, the top of the SIP Account page displays Account Status: Registered


  11. Make a call to ensure that everything is set up correctly. 

    • In the bottom left-hand corner of Bria, tap the Phone icon. 

    • On the keypad, dial a number out. 

    You should connect successfully: