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Set an Outbound Caller ID Name (CNAM Storage)

CNAM storage controls the caller ID name display on called numbers supporting this feature. This article describes using Flowroute Manage to create a CNAM Preset and later apply it to any of your Flowroute DIDs.

  • It can take 5-7 business days after adding a CNAM to a number before it is available on called networks. 

  • CNAM storage is only available for US DIDs. CNAM storage is unavailable for toll-free telephone numbers and Canadian DIDs. 


To set an outbound caller ID name: 

NOTE: CNAM values can be no longer than 15 alphanumeric characters. The public CNAM database only accepts reviewed CNAM.
  1. Log on to Flowroute Manage, and then click DIDS on the menu.
  2. Click CNAM

    The CNAM Storage Service page appears:



  3. Click Add new CNAM

    The Add CNAM Preset page appears:



  4. Put in your desired CNAM value
  5. Click Add.
At this point, Flowroute reviews newly submitted CNAM for any offensive & impersonating values and can take up to 24-48 hours. 

Any rejected CNAM include a reason for the rejection. Please follow the instructions or choose a different identifier.

When your CNAM is approved, 
  1. Next, assign the newly created CNAM preset to a DID.
  2. Under the DIDs menu, click Manage

    The Manage your DIDs page appears:

  3. Click the check box next to each DID where you want to apply the CNAM preset. 

    If you want to select all DIDs displayed on the page, click the check box to the left of DID in the column header. You can then choose optionally all DIDs you own. 

  4. Click Choose a DID Action, and then from the list select Set CNAM Storage Preset:


  5. Click Apply Action

    The CNAM Presets page appears.



  6. Click in the Search for a CNAM value field, and then from the list select the CNAM Preset you created above.
  7. Click Confirm Order

    NOTE: CNAM Storage Preset does not incur any setup or monthly charges 
    • The CNAM Presets page closes, and the Manage your DIDs page appears, with the Preset name displayed in the CNAM Storage column for any DIDs you applied this. 



    • A status message displays at the top of the page letting you know that it takes 5-7 days to process a CNAM Preset as some carriers do not treat the request immediately. We do not send a notification when the processing completes.