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Configure the Grandstream Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA)

For a Grandstream IP Phone to work with Flowroute, you'll need to set a few device configuration settings on the FXS PORT1 or FXS PORT2 page of the Grandstream ATA. This article describes those settings. 

Before you begin

You will need the following information from your Flowroute account:

  • Your SIP Credentials found on the Interconnection > Registration page. These include your Username & Auth Username and Password, and the SIP Proxy, which is [Perferred PoP]

  • The 11-digit Flowroute DID you want to use, found on the DIDS > Manage page. If you do not have a Flowroute DID, you can use any outbound caller ID number.

To modify Grandstream IP Phone settings:

On the Grandstream IP Phone FXS PORT1 or PORT2 page:

  1. Set the Primary SIP Server to use the Flowroute SIP proxy: [Preferred PoP]
  2. Set the SIP User ID to use your Flowroute DID or other outbound caller ID telephone number.
  3. Set the Authenticate ID to use your Flowroute eight-digit SIP Credentials Username & Auth Username.
  4. Set the Authenticate Password to use your SIP Credentials Password.
  5. Set SIP Registration to Yes.
  6. Set the Preferred Vocoder to use PCMU as the first priority, and G729 as the second.
  7. Save any changes, and reboot your phone.
  8. Call a number to make a test call. US telephone numbers must be dialed using an 11-digit format, which is 1 + the area code + the seven-digit telephone number. 

After a few minutes, you can check the Interconnection > Registration page of Flowroute Manage to see if Flowroute shows an active SIP Registration for your device.