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Disable E911 Services

E911 services attached to any of your Flowroute telephone numbers can be disabled if you have previously associated an E911 address with a DID. 

To disable E911 service on a DID:
  1. Log on to your Flowroute Manage account.
  2. Click DIDS, and then click Manage

    The Manage your DIDs page appears, displaying any DIDs and whether or not E911 is assigned to any of the DIDs:

  3. Select the check boxes for any DID for which you want to remove E911 services.
  4. Click Choose a DID Action and then click Disable E911 Service

  5. Click Apply Action

    Your request is processed. The Manage your DIDs page appears with the E911 removed from its association with the DID. In addition, any monthly recurring charges (MRC) are removed: