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Generic PBX or phone setup guide

If we do not have setup documentation for your PBX or phone, please try to find these configuration settings on your system as most systems require the basic settings below: - SIP Authentication Username: enter here what your account shows under the SIP Credentials ( - SIP Password: enter here what your account shows under the SIP Credentials ( - SIP Registrar/Ou...

Softphone configuration guide

PLEASE NOTEThe described configuration is generic for most Zoiper VoIP softphone versions. Security configuration and calling rates are beyond the scope of this guide. 1. Initial setup. In order to use Zoiper with Flowroute you will have to log in using your Flowroute SIP credentials which can be found in the Manage portal ( -> Interconnection -> Registration. Username / Login: [Auth Username aka Tech Prefix]@[edge_proxy]...

Switchvox PBX Software Issue: Flowroute Tech Prefix Displays for the Caller ID

The following software issue was found in with the Switchvox version 6.3.2 by Digium. - Issue: Caller ID shows the Flowroute Tech Prefix. Flowroute customers using Switchvox identified a Switchvox issue where adding spaces for the Caller ID Name option caused the Flowroute Tech Prefix to show as the Caller ID in the call signaling. Status: This issue was discovered in Switchvox version 6.3.2 (81725). Solution: Remove the spaces in the Caller ID Name option. Versions previous to ver...

Configure Epygi QX IP-PBX Configuration Guide

The attached document describes configuring the Epygi QX IP PBXs for Flowroute SIP trunks.

Configure AudioCodes Mediant E-SBC between Flowroute and Skype for Business

The attached document describes the configuration setup between Skype for Business Server and Flowroute SIP Trunk using an AudioCodes Mediant E-SBC

Configure Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP

Documentation for helping you set up and configure your Ubiquiti UniFi VoIP system can be found at the Ubiquiti UniFi ( website.