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E911 Guidelines - Enable E911 services

To enable E911 services:

  1. Log on to your Flowroute Manage account.

  2. Click the DIDS menu, the manage your DIDs page appears.


  1. Select the check box for each DID you want to apply an E911 address to.

  2. Click Choose a DID Action, click Enable/Adjust E911 Profile.


  1. Click Apply Action. The E911 Details page appears.

  2. Click the Search for an E911 Address drop down and from the list, select the E911 address you added. If you added multiple E911 address, select the applicable address from the list.

    • The Charge Details section of the page will display the applicable monthly recurring charges (MRC) for the service. 

  3. Review the E911 details, and then click Confirm Order. 


    NOTE:The request is processed, and the Manage your DIDs page appears. Any DID for which you applied the E911 service now displays on the page with the label in the E911 column:



Ensure that your equipment's dial plan is set up to send outbound 911 calls to Flowroute with the North American 10 or 11-digit DID number that you want. For example, both of the following formats are accepted: 

  • 10-digit: 2062995555 

  • 11-digit: 12062995555