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Manual Review Process Guidelines

"Additional Information Needed"

There are times where our automated fraud detection system will flag an account for additional manual review. If this happens while creating your account; we will need some information to permit the review process to continue.

If you arrive at the page: “Additional Information Needed” while attempting to set up your account; The best practice is to gather a few documents and email support@flowroute.com to let us know you are encountering an issue.

Documents to prepare

Documents to gather will include:

1 of these options (all documents must be provided in English):
         Personal Account: A copy of the Flowroute account holder’s government-issued photo ID, or passport


        Business account: A business license containing the company name, owner and the billing address to be used on the Flowroute account, or federal tax id 


        Proof of established address: A copy of a recent utility bill or bank statement with the prospective Flowroute account holder’s name

These documents will need to be dated within a 30 day period from the submission.
[A recent photo, a scanned document, or PDF copy of these documents will be accepted as valid proof to this request.]

Already have an account

Lastly - if you are encountering this issue and already have an active account in good standing at Flowroute, you can bypass the review process by sending a ticket to support including the following information.

If you are an existing Flowroute customer, please check your current active account and provide the following information found on your dashboard, and we will be able to bypass this process:
        - Name on the account:
        - Email address on the account:
        - Tech prefix on the account:

If you have any more questions concerning this process, please submit a ticket to support and we will return your inquiry in the order we receive it.