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How to set up DID Aliases?

When reselling Flowroute services, there are several options to consider in deciding how best to leverage the Manage Portal to suit your needs. Here are a couple of recommendations from the team:

  1. Do you have a small number of very large customers? If so, it might make the most sense to create an account for each customer and manage their logins for each account. When choosing this option, please notify  when you create an account for each new customer, so that the new account has the same rates as others associated with you.

  2. Do you have a large number of smaller customers? If so, it might make the most sense to have all customers under a single account that you manage, then apply aliases to the DIDs associated with each of your customers. This can be done in the Manage Portal, on the DIDs tab. Select the DIDs for which you intend to set an alias. From the drop-down menu select “ Set Alias,” then click Apply Action. You will be prompted to enter a string of characters. Once done, click “ Set Alias.” Now when you want a CDR for that customer, the alias you entered will appear as a drop-down in the “ Custom Tag” field on the CDR generation page, making it simple to see that customer’s usage.