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Unassigned e911 Profile Charges

Flowroute is pleased to provide our customers with a safety-first approach to our existing 9-1-1 emergency services offering.

9-1-1 is now, by default, available for every account using Flowroute as its SIP provider. This means that even if you do not have an E911 profile assigned to a DID on the account, you will be able to receive emergency support from dialing 9-1-1.

Any number assigned to an existing E911 address on that account will be given the same treatment as an account without an e911 address on record.

This allows for emergency services to be readily available to anyone who needs it at any time.

Any 9-1-1 calls through an account that has an E911 address on record assigned to a DID will be connected at no cost and will remain that way. A 9-1-1 request without an E911 address on an account DID will be billed $95 per instance (E911 Connection Fee) of each request. A 9-1-1 call must be made from the account which the DID, that has the E911 profile, is assigned. 

NOTE: We will be unable to provide a refund for any accidental 9-1-1 dials by anyone in a company or personally incurred. Please review your E911 address on your account by dialing 9-3-3 and listening for a confirmation that your address is recognized and accepted by the safety services.

Though we are proud to offer this new layer of protection to our customers; we hope you never need it.