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Purchase a local number with a specific area code, prefix, or pattern (local vanity numbers)

This article applies to you if you need a local phone number with a specific: 

  • area code—for example, an exhausted New York City area code such 212
  • prefix
  • pattern—for example, 212-555-DOUG

We can order numbers for you but we cannot guarantee a specific area code, prefix, or pattern. 

If we don't have the number you want in our inventory, then we advise that you might try to purchase it from one of the 3rd-party sites below or other similar sites. These companies specialize in local phone numbers that are highly desirable, rare, or match the pattern you want  

NOTE: Flowroute is not affiliated with these companies and cannot guarantee their level of service.

Once you order the number, you’ll be given the information you need to easily port the number to Flowroute or any provider you want. 

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