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Remove the "+" From Showing On Inbound Calls in the 3cx 14 PBX


  • Details in this document are for reference only and are unsupported by the Flowroute support staff.
  • Please use as purely reference material; we make no guarantees that this information is correct, or will not harm your system. Please be careful and always keep a backup of anything before you make changes, or alter settings.

This article describes how to remove the + (plus) from showing on inbound calls. For example, if your caller ID displays +14805551212 as the caller ID from that number, you can set up an incoming caller ID format that strips the + from displaying — 14805551212 displays instead of +14805551212.

To remove the + from displaying on inbound calls:
  1. Open your 3CX 14 administrative application.
  2. In the left-hand navigation pane, expand VoIP Providers.
  3. Under the expanded group, look for Flowroute and expand that.
  4. Under Flowroute find the primary number you want to set up so that the + does not display. 

    The phone number details appear in the right-hand pane. 

  5. Click the Other Options tab.
  6. In the INCOMING CID Formatting section, click Add New.
  7. In the Source CID Pattern field, enter: "+(.*)"
  8. In the New Source CID Pattern field, enter: "\1"
  9. Click OK, and then click Apply.
  10. Exit the 3cx 14 administrative application. 

    Your new format is set so that the + no longer displays on incoming numbers.