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How Does Flowroute Pricing Work

Flowroute’s standard pricing falls into two categories: Pay-as-you-go usage charges and Monthly Recurring Charges (MRCs)

Pay-as-you-go Usage Charges

Most of Flowroute’s products and services are billed to your account balance on a per-use basis.

Flowroute’s voice services are charged on a per minute basis. For calls in US/CAN, calls are charged at:

  • Inbound - $.012 per minute

  • Outbound - $.0098 per minute

  • International outbound rates can be found here.

For example, if you use 1000 inbound minutes and 1000 outbound minutes per month you will pay $21.80 (1000 x $.012 + 1000 x $.0098 = $21.80). You can find detailed pricing here.

Monthly Recurring Charges

MRCs are charges that are billed to your account balance at regular monthly intervals. Flowroute bills an MRC for the following products:

  • Flowroute Phone Numbers: Each Flowroute phone number you purchase has a monthly charge attached to it. These charges may vary based on the phone number type, but are generally $1.25 per month/phone number.

For pricing specifics, please see one of the following resources:

  • For new phone numbers, pricing can be seen on our pricing site, or on the Manage Portal → DIDs → Purchase

  • For phone numbers you already own, pricing can be seen on the Manage Portal → Billing page.

View Account Charges

Monthly account charges can be seen by logging into your account and visiting your Manage Portal → Billing page.

Flowroute Account Billing

When you upgrade to a paid account, we’ll deduct the cost for your usage, until your account balance hits zero. For more details, please see our article for How Flowroute’s Billing Works.

Volume Pricing

Flowroute offers volume pricing discounts for most of our products. For full details, please reach out to our sales team at or through the contact us form.


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