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How does Flowroute determine the specific rate charged for an outbound call

Flowroute calculates outbound call charges based on longest matching prefix against our full rate list, which can be found at the Flowroute Outbound Rates page. 

For example, a call to +44 20 7493 8000 would match the longest prefix in our rate list of 44207 and be billed correspondingly at $0.00774/min. Comparatively, a call to +44 33 0123 4050 would match the longest prefix in our rate list of 443 and be billed at $0.0169/min. 

It is important to note that when Flowroute adds or deletes a prefix, a change in the rate for calls can occur, although technically a specific prefix's rate did not change. In the example above, if Flowroute were to update the rate list with a new prefix of 4433 at a rate of $0.0110/min, it would result in an effective decrease in charges for calls to +44 33 0123 4050. 

NOTE: Rates are subject to change, so we recommend that you periodically check the rates page for the international destinations you call.

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