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Why does my balance go negative

Flowroute is pre-paid service and negative balance will result in service interruption. 

Therefore, it is important to keep your account in positive balance at all time. 

If your service is interrupted because of negative balance, simply fund your account and your service will automatically be restored.


What causes balance to go negative

Flowroute attempts to accurately measure the remaining balance of an account with its current in progress calls.  

However, with higher volume of concurrent calls, it can never be real-time and reducing the balance can be slightly delayed.  

In most cases, this is not an issue as the delay is very short.  However, in case of sudden large campaign or fraud, where there is high volume of concurrent calls, the slight delays in each call will add up and result in negative balance. 

Your balance will also go negative if your current balance is lower than monthly renewal fee (MRC), when renewal fees are charged on the 1st of each month.    


How to prevent negative balance

In order to prevent negative balance, you can use Flowroute's Auto Replenishment feature to make sure the balance stays above specified threshold.  Auto replenishment feature will also trigger Anticipatory renewal charges in case current balance is lower than expected monthly renewal cost.  

Also, you can review our Fraud Prevention Tips to prevent any compromise of device or SIP credential.  Please be advised that Flowroute is not responsible for security of your system or network.  We highly recommend consulting with your IT professional or other network security companies for complete protection of your system or network. 

Flowroute will give every effort to notify in case of suspicious activity via email as primary option, so it's important to ensure that the email associated with your account is an email address that is monitored frequently and that '' is added as a non-spam domain in any filters.  


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