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Set Account Restrictions for Fraud Prevention

To combat the growing amount of fraud in the VoIP industry, Flowroute is excited to announce a new fraud prevention feature: Destination Restriction. Destination Restriction alerts users if there is a surge in calls to a specific destination. 

How fraud prevention works

Flowroute analyzes your outbound call patterns to various destinations and creates an average metric that accounts for call duration and cost. If there is a sudden increase in traffic to a destination, the account is flagged, and in-progress calls will be automatically suspended. The user receives a notification via e-mail and can either reauthorize the destination or leave it blocked. 

To view your Fraud Control options

  • Log on to Flowroute Manage, click Preferences, and then click Fraud Control

    The Fraud Control page appears, showing you your current settings and allowing you to set as deep of a level of restrictions on your account as you want. See Related Topics below for more details on how to set each of the restriction types.  

    Outbound SIP Credentials
    This option is Enabled by default; you should click the button to Disable only once you've made sure your IP address is on the 'Outbound Allowed IPs' list (found at the top after clicking Interconnection on the left), and read over our article on Setting up IP-Based Authentication for Outbound Calls.

    Setting up IP-based Authentication and disabling outbound SIP credentials prevents an outsider from using your SIP credentials to place fraudulent outbound calls on your account and helps secure your account against common avenues of compromise.

    Maximum Outbound Rate
    This feature sets a maximum rate for outbound calls; if a call is placed to a destination (usually outside the US) which costs more than the value set here, we will deny it. This is used both to prevent yourself from calling expensive locations, and to prevent an intruder or compromised system from dialing high-cost locations on your account. For more information check out our article on how to Set a Maximum Outbound Rate.

    Destination Restriction
    By default, your account is protecting by a fraud detection system that constantly monitors and profiles your common call destinations and call volume. Should your call volume suddenly spike to unexpected or previously-undialed locations, this system may block certain destinations that are out of character for your account. If this happens, check this page first; you'll see the destinations this fraud system has blocked, and be given the option to unblock them.

    Destination Whitelist
    This is the second part of our automated system; it can be used in two ways.

    If you add destinations to this whitelist, calls to those destinations will be exempt from our automatic system and will never be auto-blocked after a burst of volume or un-characteristic calling. Use this to guarantee delivery of calls to the destinations you most commonly call.

    An additional feature is the checkbox for "Use Strict Whitelist"; checking this will completely disable our automatic fraud detection system, and calls will only be allowed to destinations on the list. For a more detailed description, see Set up a Destination Whitelist.

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