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Purchase a DID

Purchasing a direct inward dial (DID), also known as a telephone number, is a quick and simple process. The steps below guide you in purchasing one or more DIDs. 

Before you begin

  • You will need to have an account set up with Flowroute. If you don't have a Flowroute account, signing up is quick and easy. You can find the steps here.
  • There are setup fees associated with purchasing a DID, oftentimes very minimal. You will need to have available credit in your account to cover any setup fees. To add credit to your account, see the steps here.

To purchase one or more DIDs:

  1. Log on to your account at Flowroute Manage.
  2. Click DIDS, and then click Purchase


    The DID Purchase (Single Numbers) page appears:

    NOTE: Flowroute uses only per-minute billing.

  3. From the area code drop-down list box, select the area code from which you want to purchase a number:

  4. From the exchange drop-down list box, select from the list of available exchanges associated with that area code:

    A list of available telephone numbers, along with the monthly rate and setup fee, is returned: 

  5. Click Purchase to the right of each phone number you want to purchase. 

    Each time you click Purchase, you are prompted to add CNAM lookup. CNAM lookup is the caller ID that displays on a recipient's phone when you make a call. 

  6. For each number you purchase, the DID Purchase (Single Numbers) page updates as follows: 

    • Your available Credit is updated to reflect the adjustment for the purchase.
    • A list of the DIDs you purchased displays in the Purchased DIDs section.
    • The list of available DIDs for purchase is updated to show the number you purchased is no longer available for purchase.

That's it! You're all set to use your new DIDs


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