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Port Order Status concerning the Accepted state

An Accepted status indicates that the service provider from whom you are moving (the losing service provider, or LSP) has accepted the port request and provided a completion date. This is either the earliest available date that the LSP can port your number or the date that you requested the port order to be completed. 

While waiting for the port order to complete, you should ensure any inbound routes are pre-provisioned to your porting telephone numbers. Additionally, you might want to test inbound calls over Flowroute to your endpoint to ensure the service works as expected. 

You can still cancel the request while a port order is in the Accepted phase, but there are associated cancellation fees - fees are listed in Flowroute's pricing schedule. In some cases, however, if you try to cancel the request too close to the completion date - usually with 2 business days of completion - there is a strong possibility that the order cannot be cancelled. 

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