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Using YouMail for Voicemail with your DIDs

This article describes setting up your phone number for use as voicemail. Steps in this article walk you through setting up your phone number as a route, and then applying that route to any Flowroute DIDs you own.

NOTE: We are not affiliated with YouMail. Any support inquiries regarding their services and setting up a phone number in their applications should be directed to their Support organizations.

To set up YouMail for DID voicemail:

  1. Set up your ATA, IP phone or Soft Phone to receive calls from your DID (phone number).
  2. Click My Phones, and then click Add New Phone to add YouMail service for a non-Flowroute number, such as your mobile phone. 
  3. In Flowroute Manage, click the Interconnection tab, then click Inbound Routes.
  4. Enter in the Enter Route field, replacing user in sip:user with the 11-digit phone number you added in step 2. For example,
  5. From the drop-down list box, select URI, and then click Add Route.
  6. Click the DIDS tab.
  7. On the Manage your DIDs page, select the check box for each DID you want to apply the route to.
  8. Click Choose a DID Action, and then click Set Failover Route.
  9. Click Apply Action

  10. From the Search for a route drop-down list box, select the URI: route you created above.
  11. Click Set Failover Route

    The Manage your DIDs page appears, with the URI route you created applied to any DID you selected. A confirmation message displays at the top of the page.  

    You're done!


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