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View Active Registrations

This article describes where to look to see your active registrations. 

  1. Login to view your Dashboard at

  2. From main menu on the left hand side, click Interconnection




    NOTE: You may see an old registration displayed. This is due to some of these information are cached and they are not really registered. You can check the Last Refresh time to confirm the active registrations.

  3. Default submenu (top) is Status & Setup where your registration status will show. Currently, we have two proxy servers. This is where you will see which server each of your PBX systems are registered to.




    Received From: Public facing IP address of your network. It can be a PBX/ATA or soft phone.

    Last Refresh: Last time registration was successful (Times are in UTC).

    User-Agent: Name of the user agent such as PBX/ATA or soft phone.

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