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Interconnection with the New PoPs


As part of our ongoing efforts to deliver reliable and high-quality voice communications, Flowroute is pleased to announce the launch of our new Points of Presence (PoPs) located in New Jersey, Virginia, Oregon, and Washington. These additional PoPs have been architected to leverage on modern cloud infrastructure. Connect your physical or virtual communications infrastructure to Flowroute over SIP following the specs outlined below.

New PoPs - Technical Specifications

Sending Outbound Voice Traffic to Flowroute

For more details on the four mechanisms you can use for outbound Flowroute Interconnection, ordered from most preferred to the least preferred, see Utilizing New PoPs for Outbound Calls.

Receiving Inbound Voice Traffic From Flowroute

When choosing one of our new edge strategies for your inbound routes, you will be able to receive inbound traffic from your preferred PoP and fail over as geographically close as possible. To learn more, see Utilizing New PoPs for Inbound Calls.


Point of Presence (PoP) SIP Proxy IP Range

Firewall Changes for SIP Signaling

To take advantage of the failover and load balancing capabilities of our new PoPs, please whitelist SIP traffic to and from all IP ranges in the table above.

For more details around the firewall updates, see Set Firewall Policies for Flowroute's SIP Signaling and RTP Media .

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