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Set Up a Destination Whitelist

Flowroute's Destination Whitelist option allows you to choose countries that you will always be able to call, regardless of the outgoing rate. You can use a whitelist in addition to setting a maximum outbound (per-minute) rate. Countries added to the whitelist can always be called, regardless of any rate change or if a maximum outbound rate is set. For example, if you've set a maximum outbound rate of US $0.0299 for outbound calls but you know you will always need to call India, you can add India to a whitelist. By adding India to the whitelist, any call to that country will be allowed to go through. Calls to any other country are also allowed unless the outbound call rate is greater than the specified maximum outbound rate.

To further secure your account, you can create a strict destination whitelist which will effectively block destination countries that are not on your whitelisted countries list. For example, if you add India to a strict whitelist, you will only be allowed to make outbound calls to India. All other countries will be blocked. 

In this article, we will cover how to:

NOTE: Fraud to a country on your whitelist is possible so we strongly encourage regularly reviewing your call detail records and account balance.

Create a whitelist

  1. Log in to your Flowroute account.
  2. Click Preferences on the left navigation pane, and then select the Fraud Control tab.


  3. Scroll down to the Destination Whitelist section. Select the country that you want to whitelist from the Country Code drop-down list. 

  4. Click Add Country. In this example, we are selecting India.

    India is now added to the list of countries to which outbound calls can be made, regardless of whether or not a maximum outbound rate is set.

Remove a country from the whitelist

Click Remove to remove a country that has been previously added to your whitelist. If a maximum outbound rate has been set on the account, that rule will now apply to the country removed from the whitelist. 

Create a strict whitelist

Select the Use strict whitelist check box to only enable outbound calls to countries that are in your Whitelisted countries list.

NOTE: Enabling a strict whitelist allows outbound calls to only those countries in the whitelist. A strict whitelist will override any maximum outbound rate you might have set. That is, if the outbound rate to a country is less than that specified for the maximum outbound rate, and that country is not in the strict whitelist, calls to that country will be blocked.

To disable strict whitelisting, clear the Use strict whitelist check box. 

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