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Prepend your Tech Prefix to use IP-Based Authentication in FreePBX

This article describes the steps required to prepend your Flowroute Tech Prefix to dialed numbers in order to use IP-Based Authentication in FreePBX.

Dialed numbers are set up using the following format: XXXXXXXX*, where

  • XXXXXXXX represents your tech prefix,
  • 12066418000 represents the number to dial, and
  • is appended after the number to dial. *

SIP Registration with New PoPs

* Your SIP domain will be different if you have selected one of our new PoPs for your voice communications. If you are taking advantage of our new Points of Presence (PoPs), make sure to update the SIP domain in this format: {your_preferred_pop} where {your_preferred_pop} might be "us-west-wa" for example. Your new SIP domain will then be See Interconnection with the New PoPs for technical specifications.

This is one of the two steps[1] required for IP-based authentication.

Before you begin

  • Have your Flowroute Tech Prefix. This can be found on your Account Profile page of Flowroute Manage.
  • Have the numbers you want to set up for IP-based authentication.

To configure FreePBX for IP-based authentication on outbound calls:

  1. Log on to FreePBX Administration application, and then go to your Flowroute Trunk page.
  2. In the Outbound Dial Prefix field of the Dialed Number Manipulation Rules section, enter your Tech Prefix followed by an asterisk (*), as shown in the following example:
  3. Click Submit Changes, and then click Apply Config.
  4. Restart FreePBX.
  5. Statically route your inbound calls to your public IP.
  6. Disable SIP Credentials in your Flowroute account under Preferences -> Fraud Control.

    Disabling SIP Credentials will better secure your system by preventing fraudsters from being able to steal your credentials from your FreePBX to make fraudulent calls.

[1] See IP-Based Authentication for instructions on configuring IP-based authentication.


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