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Add Flowroute as a SIP Gateway to FreeSWITCH

This article provides a basic starting configuration to get FreeSWITCH up-and-running with Flowroute as the external SIP. This article was written using a 64-bit Debian 3.16.7 Linux system with a static public IP running FreeSWITCH Version 1.6.2.

See the Freeswitch Installation Guide for more info on installing FreeSWITCH. 

NOTE: This guide requires that Flowroute's recommended firewall rules be configured to allow Flowroute-related traffic onto your network.

Before you begin

To configure FreeSWITCH with Flowroute:

  1. Install FreeSWITCH and any required dependencies.
  2. Create the directory /etc/freeswitch/sip_profiles/external/
  3. Paste the following XML code into flowroute.xml, replacing TECH_PREFIX and PASSWORD with your Flowroute SIP Credentials information found on the Interconnection page of Flowroute Manage.

    IMPORTANT: SIP Proxy for New PoPs

    If you are taking advantage of our new Points of Presence (PoPs), make sure to update the proxy parameter in this format: {your_preferred_pop} where {your_preferred_pop} might be "us-west-wa" for example.The new proxy will then be See Interconnection with the New PoPs for technical specifications.

        <gateway name="flowroute">
          <!-- Replace TECH_PREFIX with SIP credential username -->
          <param name="username" value="TECH_PREFIX"/>
          <param name="auth-username" value="TECH_PREFIX"/>
          <!-- Replace SIP_PASSWORD with SIP credential password -->
          <param name="password" value="SIP_PASSWORD"/>
          <param name="proxy" value=""/>
          <param name="expire-seconds" value="600"/>
          <!-- Switch to "false" to disable SIP Registration --> 
          <param name="register" value="true"/>
          <param name="retry-seconds" value="30"/>
          <param name="dtmf-type" value="rfc2833"/>
  4. After saving the file, run the following: 

    fs_cli -x "sofia profile restart all"

Congratulations! You now have a Flowroute SIP gateway configured in FreeSWITCH

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