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Generic PBX or phone setup guide

If we do not have a configuration guide for your PBX or phone, please try to find the following configuration settings for your system below:
  1. SIP Authentication Username: Enter your Username & Auth Username under SIP Credentials on the Interconnection page of Manage. 
  2. SIP Password: Enter your Password under SIP Credentials on the Interconnection page of Manage. 
  3. SIP Registrar / Outbound Proxy: Enter the value for SIP Registrar / Proxy under SIP Credentials on the Interconnection page of Manage.
  4. SIP Username / ID: Many systems provide this setting in addition to "SIP Authentication Username". Set this to the caller-ID (phone number) that you wish to use for outbound calls. Enter the number in  the US format for phone numbers; e.g., 12061231234.
  5. Audio Codec: Ensure that your system is using g711-ulaw and the optional g711-alaw codec.  
  6. Please add the g729 codec if you have a license for it. Otherwise, exclude it to prevent call audio issues.

After all the above are set, try rebooting your system and calling a number. Please remember to dial U.S. phone numbers in full 11-digit format, including the 1 prefix and area code. You can also log in to Manage and visit the Interconnection page a few minutes after configuring your system to see if it shows an active SIP location record for your system.

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