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Support Hours

Flowroute support can be contacted by telephone or web.


Incident Response Times:

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Flowroute provides 24x7 365 days a year Emergency Support for existing Production systems.

In order to ensure the fastest response times via our pager alert system, emergency (P1) tickets must be opened via the web portal: NEW TICKET and severity set to emergency

P2 & P3 tickets can be opened at: NEW TICKET. To ensure fastest resolution time, provide as much detail as available regarding the issue when logging the issue. Once a case has been logged,

Customers can also reach out to Customer Support via the Support Hotline at 1-855-356-9768 or 1-206-641-8000, and choose option 1 for increased responsiveness.

Please note that the Support Hotline is only available during business hours.

¹Business hours are defined as Monday through Friday 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT, excluding Flowroute’s published holidays.

 As a prepaid service, no penalties are in place for failure to meet the outlined service levels.

Incident Priority Levels

Flowroute’s Technical Support team assigns a priority level to each incident, according to the criteria described in the following table. Priority levels are used to determine target response times, as described in Incident Response Times.




  • Total System Failure
    • Flowroute services down
    • API endpoints (SMS/MMS/Numbers) return 5XX HTTP errors or Unreachable
    • All calls do not complete
    • All calls one-way audio (OWA)
    • All Calls no way audio


  • Major Functional Issue
    • Consistent one-way audio (OWA)
    • Consistent no way audio
    • Consistent call does not complete
      • Inbound
      • Outbound
    • Consistent audio quality issues
      • Choppy Audio
      • Post-dial delay (PDD)
      • No DTMF (Dual Tone Multi-Frequency Signaling)
    • Unable to Register PBX
    • Urgent porting completion date modification
      • Port order completing in <2 business days


  • Minor functional issue, question or porting request
    • Product pricing questions
    • Billing questions, including surcharges
    • Port order status or change requests
    • Configure phone numbers (DIDs) routing
    • Purchasing phone numbers (DIDs)
    • System configuration troubleshooting
    • How do I <X> (Customer training or knowledge)
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