Add DIDs in the 3CX 14 Telephone System

The following article describes adding DIDs for the 3CX Phone System Version 14 Service Pack 2.

Before you begin
  • To receive inbound calls to your DIDs in 3CX, you will first need to have Flowroute set up as a VoIP Provider as described here. Failure to follow these prerequisite steps will cause your 3CX system to reject any inbound calls with a 407 SIP error. 

To add DIDs:
  1. Open the 3CX Management Console.  

  2. In the left-hand pane of the 3CX Management Console, click Inbound Rules , and then click Add DID:  

  3. On the Add DID page: 

    • In the Inbound rule name field, enter the full 11-digit DID including the 1 prepended with an asterisk (*). For example, *12065551000

    • In the Number/Mask section, from the Inbound Rule type drop-down list box, select DID/DDI number/mask, and then in the DID/DDI number/mask field, enter the number set for the Inbound rule name from the first step. 

    • For Available ports, ensure that the Flowroute Test check box is selected. 

    The following shows an example of a completed section: 

  4. Next, specify the extension to route calls to this DID to in the Office Hours section. 

    • Click the Connect to Extension radio button. 

    • From the Connect to Extension drop-down list box, select the extension to which to connect. 

    • Click OK

    The following shows an example of a completed section: 

  5. Repeat the steps above for each additional DID you want to provision into 3CX.
  6. In the left-hand navigation pane, click VoIP Providers, and then click Flowroute

    The Flowroute settings page appears. 

  7. Click Source ID

    The Source ID page appears. 

  8. On the Source ID page, 



    • Verify that the Source identification by DID check box is selected. 

    • Verify that the SIP Field containing DID numbers is set to Request Line URI User Portion.  

    • From the SIP Field containing DID numbers drop-down list box, select Request Line URI: User Portion.  

    • Leave all other fields with their default values. 

    • Click Add DID

      The Select did dialog box appears. 

    • In the Select did dialog box, select all DIDs configured in step 3. 

      The following example shows the DID set up in that step. 


    • Click OK

      The VoIP Provider Settings page appears. 

  9. Click OK.

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