Configure 3CX Softphone for Windows

This article describes configuring your 3CX Softphone for Windows for use with your Flowroute account. 

Before you begin
To configure 3CX Softphone for Windows
  1. Right-click in the display portion of the 3CX Softphone, and then click Accounts.
  2. Click New

    The Account Settings dialog box appears. 

  3. Add the following information from your Flowroute SIP Credentials: 

    NOTE: Any empty fields in the following diagram can also be left empty in your own settings.
    • Extension: Your Flowroute phone number (DID) or your caller ID. 

    • ID: The Username & Auth/Username from your Flowroute SIP Credentials. 

    • Password:The Password from your Flowroute SIP Credentials. 

    • I am out of the office -external IP: Flowroute's SIP Proxy,

      NOTE: Some providers do not allow SIP traffic on port 5060. If so, you can set an alternate port, such as 5160.


  4. Click OK to return to dialing pad.
  5. Place a test call. 

    NOTE: When placing a phone call within the US or Canada, you must use an E.164 format, which is an 11-digit format (1 + area code + telephone number) for those numbers—for example, 12065551212. If making an International call to a telephone number that does not use the E.164 format, you must preface the phone number with the country code. For example, when dialing the United Kingdom you would use 44 instead of 1.

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