Configure Bria or X-lite Softphone for a PC or Mac

The following steps describe configuring your X-Lite softphone to connect directly to Flowroute for sending and receiving calls. 

Before you begin
  • You will need your Flowroute SIP credentials. These can be found on the Interconnection > Status &Setup page of your Flowroute Manage account. 

  • If you don't have a Flowroute phone number yet, you can purchase one on the DIDs > Purchase page of your Flowroute Manage account. 

NOTE: This article uses the Windows version of X-Lite for screenshots; however, both the Windows and Mac versions are configured identically. Any configurations not shown can be left at their default settings.

To configure Bria or X-lite Softphone for the PC or Mac
  1. Open Account Settings.

  2. Enter Your Flowroute SIP Credentials.
  3. In the User Details section, add your Flowroute SIP credentials: 

    • User ID: Your Flowroute phone number where you want to receive calls. This number will also be sent as your caller ID for outbound calls. 

    • Domain: The Flowroute SIP Registrar/Proxy,

    • Password: Your Flowroute SIP Credentials Password. 

    • Authorization name: Your eight-digit Flowroute SIP Credential Username & Auth Username. 

  4. Click OK.
  5. Enter a phone number, click Call and make a call!

    NOTE: When calling outbound, be sure to use E.164 dialing for all calls, with all calls starting with the Country Code. For example, a call to a US number needs to start with 1, while a call to the UK needs to start with 44.

You're all set! Your status will be listed as Available, and you are ready to send and receive calls. 

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