Add Flowroute as a SIP Gateway in the Barracuda Phone System

This article describes adding Flowroute as the SIP Gateway in a Barracuda phone system. 

Before you begin
  • Have your Flowroute SIP Credentials and Tech Prefix. These can be found on the Interconnection > Status & Setup page on your Flowroute account. 

  • A list of your Flowroute DIDs you want to configure for use with the Barracuda phone system. You can find a list of your DIDs on the DIDS > Manage your DIDs page of your Flowroute Manage account. 

  • Ensure you have your system plugged in and have completed the initial setup and configuration for your Barracuda Phone System. Network settings will vary based on your usage. See the Barracuda Phone System Getting Started guide. 

To add a Flowroute trunk to your system:
  1. In your Barracuda Phone System UI, click the Providers tab.
  2. Click Add a Provider.
  3. On the Add a SIP Account page, set the basic SIP Provider information shown below.
    • Set the Host and Realm to use the SIP Registrar / Proxy found on the Interconnection page of Flowroute Manage, which is
    • Set the Port to use port 5060. See Firewall Policies for Flowroute's Direct Audio for more information.
    • Set the Username and Authorization Username to use your Tech Prefix, found on the Interconnection page of Flowroute Manage.
    • Set the Password to use the password associated with your SIP Credentials, found on the Interconnection page of Flowroute Manage.
  4. In the Services section, select the check box for each service you want to enable for your Flowroute trunk.Services
  5. Next, configure the default outbound caller ID for your Flowroute trunk.  
  6. From the Use this Number drop-down list box, select Custom Caller ID number (unless overridden) and then in the Customer Caller ID Number field, enter the number you want your system to send for the custom caller ID number.
  7. Click Create

    A list of providers appears. 

  8. On the SIP Providers page, select the Flowroute check box.
  9. Scroll down to Advanced Settings.  
  10. Select the Use T.38 Re-Invite on Fax Transmission check box.
  11. From the Caller ID Type drop-down list box, select P-Asserted-Identity.
  12. Scroll down to the Add External (DID) Numbers.
  13. In this field, add any of your Flowroute DID’s you want to use with your system. The following shows an example of DIDs added to this field:
  14. Click Save.
  15. In the left-hand navigation pane, click Call Routing.
  16. Click Add Route.
  17. From the Call Type list, select North America (NANPA), and then and click Add.
  18. Repeat the previous step, and add two call types, one for International Dialing (011) and one for Emergency (USA) clicking Add after each call type is added.

    NOTE: 911 will only be reachable once you have E911 service setup on your DIDs.

    Your call routing should then resemble the following:

  19. Start making calls!

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