How does Flowroute's billing work?

There are three types of charges which will deduct from your Flowroute account balance: 

  1. One-time or monthly recurring charges—for example, number service fees, setup fees, number transfer fees, etc. These transactions are listed out per month and year on the Billing page of Flowroute Manage. This page also displays all deposits/credits to your to your account. 

  2. Per-minute call charges, which can be viewed or exported on the CDRs & Stats page of Flowroute Manage. 

    NOTE: Detailed instructions on viewing and exporting CDRs (Call Detail Records) can be found at here.
  3. CNAM lookup charges (for any inbound calls to CNAM-enabled DIDs), which can be found on the CNAM Stats page of Flowroute Manage. Charges are organized by month and year. 

Your current account balance is the sum of all deposits to your account, minus debited transactions, per-minute call costs, and CNAM lookup fees. You will need to total the amounts on each the pages above to determine your total cost of services

If at any time your account balance goes negative, all services are suspended. To restore services, you will need to make a payment to your account bringing the balance positive. Services are immediately restored upon bringing the balance to a positive amount. 

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