How do I Set the Caller ID Number I Want to Transmit?

Flowroute transmits the Caller ID Number based on the presence of one of the following header fields in order of preference. 

  • Caller-ID Name (CNAM) is controlled separately in your Flowroute account for US numbers.  To set CNAM, please see this article. 
  • Non-US numbers pull the CNAM from the 'Display Name' field that precedes the SIP fields below, but we cannot guarantee the Display Name will not be removed when the call traverses the public telephone network (PSTN).
  • P-Asserted-Identity 

  • Remote-Party-ID, or  

  • From: 

The Caller ID Number you send out on outbound calls are pulled from one of these three fields within the actual SIP packets sent to Flowroute's servers. 

These three headers are the most common means of transmitting caller ID in SIP devices. If your device or system has documentation dictating how to set an outbound Caller ID Number, setting that will almost always get the job done. 

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