Can I view usage and check my remaining balance?

You can view completed call records, associated costs for calls and purchases, and remaining balance in real time once you’ve logged into your account.

Usage and remaining balance are both located in the Manage page on

The usage is found in the CDRs & Stats tab on the left. This report will show you all the calls that have occurred on the account. It will include the cost and duration of each call.

When in the CDRs & Stats page you will start on the CDR page. This page allows you to see the most recent calls within 24 hours, or you can do a deep search for any days since you started your account. You are limited to 90 day ranged exports at a time. So if you wanted 180 days worth of data, you will need to export two different CSV exports.

There are helpful reminders of what each field does.

Once you have chosen your time range for the CDR you wanted to see you will have the option to download it from the CDR Exports page. These files will remain on the export page for a short while. The exported files are in CSV format, and can be read in any spreadsheet reader, or text editor.

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