Port Your Telephone Number to Flowroute

We are thrilled you’re trusting Flowroute for your VoIP carrier services. This step-by-step guide introduces the process of porting your existing numbers to Flowroute. Follow these steps below to create your port order and get your port order submitted. If you still have any questions after reading through, know that our support engineers are a phone call away. 

Before you begin

Have the following before beginning a port order: 

  • The list of telephone numbers you want to port to Flowroute. You can enter a list of telephone numbers individually or upload a CSV, TXT, XLS, or XLXS file.
  • PDF copies of bills from your current service provider for each telephone number you want to port. Copies of bills must be in PDF format for uploading.
  • If you are porting multiple numbers from multiple accounts or carriers, you must submit separate port order requests for each account and carrier, as well as separate bills; however, each request can contain multiple numbers for that account or carrier. If you submit a single request containing multiple accounts and carriers, the request can be rejected and returned to you to correct.
In this topic:

Log on to your Flowroute Account

  1. Log on to your Flowroute account.
  2. If you haven’t already, enable number porting on your account by fully activating your account by making an initial deposit.
  3. Click DIDS, and then click Port Orders.
  4. Do either of the following:

Create a Port Order

Follow these steps if you are sure that there is no issue with porting your telephone number(s) to Flowroute. If you are unsure, you can easily check whether or not the telephone number can be serviced by Flowroute by first clicking Check Telephone Number Portability. 

  1. On the Port Orders page, click Create Port Order

    The Port Order details page appears. 

  2. In the Enter your number(s) field, add each number you want to port using the (NPA) NXX-XXXX convention. e.g. (206) 123-1234

    Or, if you have a file containing any number of telephone numbers that you want to upload, click Browse and navigate to the file location. 

    NOTE: Supported file formats are CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX.
    IMPORTANT: Do not submit one port order where you have telephone numbers on multiple accounts or with multiple providers. Submitting a single port request with telephone numbers from multiple accounts will result in rejection. Create separate port orders for each account and carrier. After successful porting, these numbers will be consolidated under your Flowroute account.
  3. In the Existing Account Information section, complete all required information on the page. Fields with required information display with an asterisk (*). 

    IMPORTANT: It is important that you provide information in these fields exactly as it is in your agreement with your carrier. For example, if your first name and last name for the Name (Authorized Contact) name are spelled one way with your carrier, you must spell it exactly as it is listed with your carrier. Only first and last name are checked for validation only; suffixes such as Jr. or prefixes such as Dr. are not checked. During the submittal phase, the first and last name you provide are validated against those on the account. If there is a mismatch, the request can be rejected and returned to you to fix. Providing the correct information at the start can reduce the time frame it takes to complete the request. If you have questions about how the information appears with your carrier, contact your current service provider to get a customer service record (CSR). The CSR lists the address the provider has on file for the porting telephone numbers, and this address trumps any other address provided.
  4. Optionally, in the Existing Account Information section, you can  

    • Set a Desired completion date. You can request a specific port order completion date for any time Monday through Friday, except for holidays. You can request a change in the port order completion date if you have already submitted the request; however, if the port order was accepted for completion and is due to be completed within 48 hours, the date most likely cannot be changed. Otherwise, if you leave the field blank, the port order will be completed as soon as possible.

    • Enable CNAM lookup. CNAM controls the Caller ID name displayed on called numbers supporting this feature. Selecting this option sets Caller ID for your phone. 

  5. At the bottom of the page, click Continue

    The Associated Port Orders page appears, showing you the list of pending telephone numbers you want to port as well as the cost to you for each telephone number.

  6. Verify the information on this page. 

    Because you have not yet submitted the port order, the status will display as Pending. See Port Order Process for more information about the different statuses associated with a port order request. 

  7. Click Continue order

    The Port Order page appears, prompting you to upload a copy of your most recent bill. This page also shows a summary of your request information, as well as allows you to add or edit any numbers, or to completely cancel the order. 

  8. Click Browse and navigate to the location of your bill. You can also upload any other supporting documentation as well. After selecting each file to load, click Upload File. 

    The Submit for Approval page appears.

    NOTE: Not sure what documentation to upload? See Required Documentation for Porting Telephone Numbers.
  9. Ok, just a couple more clicks and your order is submitted! Click Submit for Approval

    A popup Agree to LOA page appears, prompting you to sign the Letter of Agency. 

  10. Digitally sign the Letter of Authorization by clicking I Agree this is correct at the bottom of the page.
  11. Your part is done! Keep an eye on your email inbox or the Order History page for the current status of the port order. 

    So now what happens? 


Check Telephone Number Portability

  1. Before submitting a port order request, you might want to first check whether or not Flowroute can service the telephone number you want to port. 

  2. After logging on to Flowroute and going to the Port Orders page, click Check number portability

    The Lookup Coverage page appears. 

  3. In the Enter your number(s) field, add each number you want to look up. 

    Or, if you have a file containing any number of telephone numbers that you want to look up, click Browse and navigate to the file location. 


    NOTE: Supported file formats are CSV, TXT, XLS, and XLSX.
  4. Click Lookup Coverage

    Success messages display for each number that can be covered by Flowroute. Failure messages are returned for telephone numbers that cannot be covered by Flowroute. 

  5. With this available information, you can now create a port order request

So what happens next?

The information provided will be validated, and if everything looks good, a port request will be submitted to your current provider. Once the port order is submitted, it can take 2-4 weeks to complete. Rest assured, any updates regarding the port progress will be sent to you through email. In addition, the Port Order page has a comments section where we can let you know any changes in status or problems. We will continually let you know as things change. 

If any issues occur during the porting process arise, we’ll let you know immediately and provide you with guidance on how you can move the port request forward. If no issues arise, you’ll be notified via email and through the Order History page of the completion date for your port. 

If you have any questions during the process, either while creating your port order or after submitting it, please contact our support engineers for help. 

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