Disable G.729 on FreePBX

The G.729 codec is a proprietary audio codec. As such it requires proper licenses to be installed prior to using it. Offering G.729 without the necessary licenses can cause audio issues, such as one-way audio or dead-air on calls. 

If you do not have licenses for G.729 codec on your FreePBX, please ensure that your trunk configuration is only offering support for G.711u-law on your Flowroute trunk. This is modified in your FreePBX configuration. 

To disable G.729 on FreePBX
  1. Log onto your FreePBX administration panel.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Connectivity, click Trunks, and then click <Your Flowroute Trunk> to open your Flowroute trunk page. 


  3. Locate the Outgoing Settings section.
  4. In the PEER Details section, replace any instance of allow= with: 

  5. When completed, the PEER Details section should resemble the following: 


  6. Click Submit Changes, and then click Apply Config

    Your FreePBX will now support only G.711u-law. 

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