System Configuration

Configure IP-based Authentication for Outbound Calls for 3CX version 15

This article guides you through setting up IP-based authentication for outbound calls in the 3CX version 15 PBX. Before you begin You must first have configured your 3CX 15 PBX for use with Flowrout...

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Generic PBX or phone setup guide

If we do not have setup documentation for your PBX or phone, please try to find these configuration settings on your system as most systems require the basic settings below: SIP Authentication Username: ente...

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FreePBX PJSIP Trunk Setup

Start by adding a Trunk and Select PJSIP Trunk Type in the following: Trunk Name: [NAME TRUNK] Outbound Caller ID: [11 digit Flowroute DID] Select pjsip Setting tab at the top. Type in the follow...

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