Set Firewall Policies for Flowroute's Direct Audio

To ensure you receive all audio on your Flowroute calls, two specific policies must be put in place on your network's firewall:

  1.  SIP signaling (call control): Allow UDP and TCP traffic over port 5060[1] from the following server IP addresses: as well as,,, and

  2.  RTP media (call audio): To reduce latency, Flowroute uses Direct Audio. To receive Direct Audio, allow UDP packets from any source IP address with a destination port within your system's RTP media port range.[2] 

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[1] If your system has issues connecting over port 5060, you can use 5160 as an alternate SIP port. 

[2] RTP media port range varies by phone system. Your system's RTP media port range will be configured locally on your system and/or detailed in your system documentation.

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